Venus in Aquarius, Mars in Gemini

Venus and Mars Combinations

Heartfelt and Sexual Styles


Venus in Aquarius, Mars in Gemini


Your Venus is in an Air sign, and your Mars is in an Air sign. gemini sign


Venus in Air, Mars in Air (Romantic Air, Airy Desires): In love, you are young, intelligent, energetic, and generally collected, or you are attracted to partners with these characteristics. You want a specific measure of the room—the opportunity of development, both genuinely and intellectually—in any relationship, and prohibitive or possessive partners switch you off. Your brain should be invigorated for your sexual interests to lock-in. Not so sympathetic as a few, you are very reasonable regarding communicating your thoughts sincerely and sexually. You offer your partners a specific degree of opportunity to be their identity, and you like very similar consequences. You esteem being companions with your partners just as lovers, and you’re an old buddy, as well! You are a perky, unconstrained, carefree lover who believes communication is a key “fixing” in relationships. You react most affectionately to verbal articulations of interest and warmth. You are switched off by partners (or possible partners) who are secretive. However long there is something that you consider to be an open and streaming communication among yourself and your partner, you feel loved and appreciated. You can be a real tease, once in a while promising somewhat more than you can convey. Your partners think you are enthusiastic, keen, and fun, albeit a smidgen reserved now and again. You have a transient quality that keeps others speculating and maybe not continually believing that you will stay close by. In truth, you, in all actuality, do require a lot of feeling to keep your advantage.


Venus and Mars in viable signs: Your heartfelt and sexual qualities are comparative yet changed to the point of making your love life very invigorating. Generally, you know what you need in love relationships. Your appeal is inconspicuous and natural. While you don’t commonly come on strong, you don’t have to. A buzz of downplayed sexual and heartfelt energy about you guarantees a fun time. You are lively and alluring.


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