The Best Selling Phone – The Vivo Y33s


The Vivo Y33S is an affordable smart phone that gives you all the facilities you will ever need on a smartphone. It is equipped with the advanced version of Android OS, which is the latest release from Google. It offers you a crystal clear viewing of the LCD screen that features Corning Gorilla glass for enhanced clarity. It also comes with many rich features such as VGA Camera with OVI resolution, mp3 music player, GPRS, Bluetooth, USB, OTP, Full Flash support, and so much more. The other amazing feature of the phone is that it can connect to Wi-Fi for downloading various apps and websites.

The innovative Vivo Y33S camera module has the ability to function as a cell phone camera as well as a fully functional intercom for dispatching voice calls and streaming live video. This gadget comes with a built-in DVR that offers you the facility to record videos at high quality. Apart from these facilities, the Vivo Y33S also offers you lots of hi-tech features such as Wifi, Gesture Shot, MMS, Bluetooth, USB interface, WiFi, GPRS, Camcorder support, Video Recording, OVI resolution, Video Editing, Digital Photography, Document Viewing, Document Scanning, and plenty more.

As compared to the normal mobiles like the iPhone, the price of this product is quite reasonable. However, if you are looking for a mobile phone that can perform better and provide better quality pictures than the ordinary phones, the Vivo Y33S is a good choice. It has several advanced technologies inside which helps you to take excellent pictures. You will never get disappointed when you purchase the Vivo Y33S camera from online stores as it comes with several discount offers and freebies. Moreover, this camera has a very simple yet extremely powerful interface, which helps you to use this camera with ease. To buy via y33s, just search on any popular search engine for the right product and go for the best deal.

Vivo has brought some innovative features in the smartphone world. The camera is one such feature, which makes this handset the best value for your money. The 8GB RAM of this smartphone allows you to easily capture brilliant images and videos. With the advance internals and advanced techniques, you will never be left behind by your rivals when it comes to high-end technologies. When you buy vivo y33s, you will be able to transfer your data to your computer very easily due to the fast processor and large memory.

When it comes to cameras, Vivo has once again come up with the outstanding performance in smartphones. This camera is simply amazing with its image capturing ability and quality. There are many functions inbuilt in this smartphone, which further add to its alluring features. The built-in image stabilization system enables you to take great pictures in all kinds of weather conditions. You can use this camera with a professional photographer’s guide, which gives you step by step instructions on how to use this wonderful camera. The phone also comes with a built-in internal storage 128GB where you can store a huge number of pictures.

In order to take complete control over your shots, the Vivo Y33s comes with the excellent manual mode as well. This mode enables you to tweak the picture settings so that they capture your personality and the kind of shots you prefer to take. The rear camera of this smartphone is also quite impressive, having an 8.2 megapixel resolution, enabling you to take high quality images with your camera. There is a wide color spectrum to choose from with the vivo Y33s. With a whopping resistance to shock, the vivid color of the body along with the vivid display will surely amaze you.

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