Finding Angel Investors

Creating your own Angel Investors list is huge undertaking, which is often overlooked and not fully understood.  The result is usually an assortment of incomplete contact details on a handful of angel investors, and most notably, a frustrated team with little to show for their hours of work.  The following article is aimed at describing the downfalls to creating your own A.I. directory, database or list and why you should not attempt to create your own.

Typically, professionally created Angel Investor lists include hundreds of A.I.s and their subsequent contact details.  These resources can be found either through access to membership websites or through access to file such as a Microsoft Excel based spreadsheet.  These resources include the names of firms, the firms physical addresses, internet website addresses, key points of contact, personal office numbers, personal cell numbers, personal e-mail addresses, fax numbers, business operation details and assets under management (AUM) numbers. 606 angel number

The information included within these resources are gathered from numerous places and are the culmination of usually 750+ hours by seasoned professionals in data and market research.  Unfortunately, the information provided cannot be found through the use of the internet and hard work alone.This is the biggest reason why you should not attempt to create a database on your own.  The information gathered comes from the internet, press releases, media materials, conventions and most importantly, through personal connections within the industry.

My recommendation that you do not attempt to create your own is due to the enormous undertaking it take to complete your own A.I. database, directory or listing resource.  However, I do recommend that by investing in the Angel Investor list you will be able to focus your time and resources on cultivating relationships and raising more capital.  This is why my recommendation is that you do not attempt to create your own.


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